Supplying drinking water to dairy/beef cattle, sheep, goats or chickens? Or filling bulk water storage tanks?

A reliable and plentiful supply of water is a key element to ensure the health and well-being of your most valuable asset, your animals.

Don’t take chances. When it really counts, fill it with a Jobe Valve.

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If you're running a carwash, an HVAC system, or you’re in charge of any process that stops if the water runs out, you know the value of a float valve that keeps your system running smoothly.

Don’t take chances, fill it with a Jobe valve.

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When your facility relies on several processes all working correctly, you need to know what you’re putting your faith in.

Our valves have great application in industrial processes and here is the information you need to decide whether there’s a Jobe valve that measures up to your requirements.

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If you have a fish pond that needs topping up or if you have a rain water storage tank that needs a little help when it hasn’t rained for a month. 

Jobe Valves has the right float valve so you don’t need to spend your day wandering about with a hose in your hand.

Have a look at our range to find the Jobe valve to make your life easier.

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The products in this section are only available in New Zealand.

In addition, there is product and parts information on some of our older product ranges.

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