Company Profile

Jobe Valves specialize in the manufacture and distribution of innovative float operated valves and associated equipment. While still mainly used in agriculture, Jobe Valves can be found in many light industrial and process situations such as evaporative cooling systems and high pressure cleaning equipment.Although New Zealand remains a significant market, the majority of Jobe Valves production is exported through distributors in Australia, North America, the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

Jobe Valves is also present in Europe, South America, Africa and throughout Asia where markets are still being explored and developed. Jobe Valves will continue to develop innovative float valves and associated equipment. 

As needs change and new opportunities are identified we intend to ensure that we offer easy to use, reliable products to fufill these requirements.We intend to continue supplying and developing products for agricultural markets and to explore new market segments where our products may be beneficial.